Planting and the environment have been a key feature of the development of Hitchcocks Business Park since it was first established in 2013.

But the greenery isn’t just about making the park look attractive for its tenants, workforce and visitors…dig a little deeper, or peek behind a planter, and you’ll find an abundance of wildlife, insects and bees – some of which are living the life of luxury in special bug hotels.

Richard Persey, owner of Hitchcocks Business Park, said the planting throughout the park was an important part of their development plans.

He said: “Insects, bugs and bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and at Hitchcocks we work hard to create an environment where they can be welcomed in our outdoor spaces. Just take a walk around the park on a summer day and the rows of lavender are buzzing with bees and the flowering plants are a haven for butterflies and other bugs.

“We began planting and adding the bug hotels so we could create an environment rich in different species. We also wanted to make it a really pleasant and natural space where people could spend time, whether that was walking to their business, taking a break at lunchtime, or just finding somewhere nice to sit. It’s also great for our tenants when they welcome their customers to the park; we know things like this all add to the experience of everyone who visits.”

Richard added: “Everything we do at Hitchcocks is about continuously improving and creating a special park for everyone who uses it or visits.”